"We wanted a system that could be used by our busy managers to complete their health and safety risk assessments. We looked at a number of systems all of which had an extensive range of functionality that looked very impressive at first glance. On closer examination, many of the functions were window dressing which made the system over complicated for short periods of infrequent use. Saeker have cleverly limited their range of functions to the task at hand and with simple user guidance, it was a choice we have never looked back on."

Operations Director - Indoor Ski Centre

"A business contact who is using the system to carry out in-house hazard monitoring for health and safety, fire safety and food hygiene recommended Saeker to us. They took time to listen to our requirements and they supported us through an approval period before we purchased the system. The system has allowed us to standardise hazard monitoring across our stores and to monitor performance away from the store using the report menu. We can now make best use of our resources and manage our costs by targeting support to where it is most needed. Highly recommended!"

Operations Director - KFC Franchise Operator

"We use the Saeker system across 23 locations for risk assessments, fire risk assessments, hazard monitoring and for holding our policies and related documentation. The 'hotel' pool of example risk assessments gives our managers a template to work from and the guided risk assessment workflow ensures that all assessments are site specific. The hazard monitoring system is very simple to use and the document holding facility provides us with a simple reference library with unique document control functions."

Operations Director - Hotel Group

"As a General Manager and being solely responsible for Health & Safety, discovering Saeker was, for me, the most significant advancement in terms of assisting my administration and keeping everything in one place. Knowing that I will receive a reminder informing me that a task is due or a Risk Assessment requires reviewing ensures that vitally important procedures are carried out in good time and not, as can sometimes happen, overlooked all together. During set up, support from the Saeker Team was excellent. Following set up I have found that a fully automated Health & Safety system is creating extra time for other duties by removing a great deal of paperwork. Saeker is a facility that I would highly recommend to all that are involved with Health & Safety administration."

General Manager - Luss Estates

Some of our clients

Case Study

The scenario...

Client A has in excess of 20 branded 2 and 3 star hotels. He knows that his hotel managers need to prepare site specific risk assessments for their activities but he is concerned about their lack of knowledge and the prospect of paper documents getting damaged and lost. Furthermore, unless he visits each location, he has no practical means of checking the standard of completed assessments or knowing they have been reviewed annually.

The solution...

We provided the client with our risk assessment application and a pool of typical hotel risk assessment templates. Each hotel manager was set-up as a Saeker user and given privileges to 'adopt' and personalise their assessments. Over the coming weeks, the client was able to look across his business and provide support to managers who were finding the process difficult. He was also able to look at assessments and judge for himself whether they were suitable and sufficient. He was pleasantly surprised at how good the assessments were, mainly due to the simple user guidance provided at each step.
Client A comments that "the investment is protecting my business from accidents by encouraging effective hazard spotting and risk control. I can monitor the use of the system and provide support where most needed". He further commented that the cost of one accident arising out of a failure to identify hazards and control risk would, in all likelihood, far exceed his annual investment.


This simple case study is typical of many Saeker clients who measure their return on investment by maintaining a zero cost balance against expensive and time consuming employee and public liability claims. Other reasons to choose Saeker include: simple compliance with legal requirements and reduced exposure to prosecution; security of data and maintaining an effective audit trail; saving time and money by not having managers tied up with paperwork.