Location Independent

Whether you're a single-site operation or a multi-premises enterprise, Saeker can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Consistent Standards

Cut red tape and promote a balanced approach to health and safety management by setting consistent and achievable risk control policies and monitoring regimes across yor business.

Compliance Monitoring

Empower your managers to maintain high standards and monitor progress with Saeker's unique real-time compliance system. Use this tool for setting key performance targets.


Saeker maintains a digital footprint of all user activity for credible record keeping.

Cost Effective

Use Saeker to improve the quality and efficiency of your safety management. Identify weaknesses in controls and take action to reduce exposure to enforcement action and civil claims. Plan your preventative maintenance to reduce costly downtime from equipment failure.

Easy to Use

Even occasional users will find Saeker easy to use due to the highly intuitive design and common functionality employed across the entire system.